The follow-up project to TRECVET is called “TRECVET Core Curriculum for Skippers of Small Commercial Vessels”, in short TCC-SCV, and has been awarded funding in the new Erasmus+ program as a Strategic Partnership. For more Information, please also see

We are proud to announce, that TRECVET has been selected by the EACEA as one of the best Leonardo da Vinci Projects in 2010 & 2011. We are pleased that our work has been recognised and we will keep on working hard to make this project a start of a process of change.

The project partners met in Hamburg on 13th and 14th December 2012 for their third full consortium meeting.

Read more: Meeting in Hamburg

Since the project conference, which was held in Palma in September 2013, the TRECVET Coordination Team have been approached by several Maritime authorities from other EU countries and from other counties around the globe which are interested to know more about the work of the project as they are experiencing the same problem exposed by the TRECVET Project.

The TRECVET Coordination Team are planning a follow up the project which will aim to improve on the work and findings of the first project and expand the network of Maritime Authorities to other countries in both the EU and beyond.

The project has now finished the development of the fexTool and all interested parties are invited to test the demo-tool! We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Demo fexTool now available: please follow this link to access it.

TRECVET's End of Project Conference took place on 20 September 2013 and was held at the Chamber of Commerce in Palma de Mallorca

The aims of the conference were to present the project's results, promote open discussion between effected parties and to find a solution to the problem that this project addresses.

See the agenda

Read more: TRECVET Conference: Working Without Borders

A new discussion group has been created on LinkedIn, in order to foster discussions about ECVET and project ideas by professionals working in the marine sector. Group is free for everyone, you are welcome to join! Please click below to get started!


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