The project partners met in Hamburg on 13th and 14th December 2012 for their third full consortium meeting.

As the methodology for the extraction of Fundamental Elements (FEs) has now been developed and tested (a demo version of the fexTool is available here) the main objective of the meeting was to discuss the experiences in the use of the tool and conclusions for its practical implementation. For this the experts for the extraction of the three SCV syllabi from the UK, Germany and Spain gathered in a workshop to compare their results. It became clear that the tool has been a major step forward with regard to making the process of extraction of FEs a lot easier and clearer. Some adjustments regarding the translations still have to be undertaken, but all in all the results were very convincing.

The consortium also discussed the plans for a final conference in September 2013 and decided that this will take place on the 20th September in Palma de Mallorca. Details regarding this will be published on this website very soon.

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