TRECVET's End of Project Conference took place on 20 September 2013 and was held at the Chamber of Commerce in Palma de Mallorca

The aims of the conference were to present the project's results, promote open discussion between effected parties and to find a solution to the problem that this project addresses.

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The conference was attended by Maritime authorities and institutions, crew agencies, crew, accrediting bodies, shipping companies, journalists and many professional skippers from UK, Germany and Spain. The general consensus of those attendees who were professional skippers was summed up by one comment, "as holders of professional qualifications, why should we have to re-qualify to do the same job on identical boats, where the only difference was the flag?"

The high point of the conference were the presentations by the National Authorities and hearing their views and comments with regard to the work of the project and the TRECVET Comparison Tool.

The National Authorities each confirmed and agreed the need for change with regards to recognition of qualifications and were open to a continued dialog to move things forward The UK National Authority made some constructive observations and criticisms of the Comparison Tool which will be used to improved the current version.

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