The TRECVET software tool is based on the method of breaking syllabi into their Fundamental Elements (FEs)

What is an FE?

For the purposes of the TRECVET project an FE is defined as follows:

1. An FE is the smallest subdivision of examinable content that in itself constitutes a complete logical and coherent learning block.

2. FEs can contain knowledge only (Theory) or be a combination of knowledge and skill (Practical). If an FE is determined to be a skill then it is automatically assumed to contain knowledge.

3. An FE is autonomous and does not contain or depend on other FEs for its existence.

4. The minimum pre-knowledge required to assimilate an FE is that of an average 16 year old school leaver.

This is an example of the way a syllabus or part of it is split into its Fundamental Elements:

FE extraction diagram Chartwork

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